About Patterson Tubular Services

Patterson Tubular Services (PTS) has continuously served our customers with technology-driven services and solutions since 1945. Our management team has over 150+ combined years of experience in the inspection, storage and maintenance of oilfield country tubular goods (OCTG). From our in-house facilities in Louisiana and Texas to our customers' OCTG mills, our management leads a team of dedicated and experienced personnel in providing quality OCTG products and services.

As a customer focused company, every job at PTS is ensured to be completed accurately with close attention to detail. Accuracy is vital in the oilfield, where it means the difference between production or shutdown, success or failure, profit or loss. As a superior tubular asset management provider, PTS ensures that every piece of tubular material entrusted to us is properly managed.

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539 S. Sheldon Road
Channelview, TX 77530

Morgan City

7056 S. Railroad Ave.
Morgan City, LA 70380