Electromagnetic Inspection

Electromagnetic inspection (EMI) machines are cost-effective and efficient methods to detect surface flaws and cracks. However, EMI systems combined with gamma and/or magnetic flux wall measurement systems are not very accurate concerning coverage and wall thickness accuracy. Ultrasonic testing (UT) is the most accurate and preferred method of wall thickness measurement because it provides 100% wall coverage. Understanding the need to constantly innovate, Patterson Tubular Services recently incorporated ultrasonic wall thickness measuring services to its EMI system. This means EMI inspections at PTS now include longitudinal flaw, transverse flaw and PSL 3 ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, taking advantage of both to provide the most complete and accurate inspection.

Value-Added Advantages to using EMI Services at PTS:

  • Provides the most cost-efficient nondestructive method to inspect your products up to 13 5/8” in diameter when combined with UT wall thickness measurement
  • Provides coverage for non-inspected end zones, while delivering a truly economical full body inspection, when combined with a special end area (SEA) inspection to streamline product flow.
  • Measures sensitivity to both gradual and abrupt changes in wall thickness.
  • Includes support services and fully trained technicians on site 24/7 to minimize downtime and optimize performance.
  • Generates results instantly with little or no process time.
  • Provides test reports including digital strip charts of flaw and wall data, and maintains permanent records for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Delivers efficient turnaround between jobs, allowing for greater productivity to save the customer time and money.

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