Full Body Phased-Array Ultrasonic Inspection

PTS introduced the first full-body phased-array ultrasonic inspection system (FBUT) in 2006 at our Channelview, TX facility. Since its introduction, this system has been used by many pipe manufacturers such as: Boomerang Tube, VAM Drilling and Tenaris, and is qualified for many end-users, including such as, Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BHP. PTS is certified to inspect a variety of products from these companies, and is currently the only 3rd party inspection company offering the phased-array FBUT system. Building on the continued success of the phased-array system, PTS expanded these inspection services with additional units in its Channelview, TX and Morgan City, LA facilities, as well as units at Boomerang Tube and VAM Drilling.

The ultrasonic phased- array system consists of a series of individual elements, each with its own connector, time delay circuit and A/D converter. Elements are pulsed in groups with pre-calculated time delays for each element, i.e. “phasing” to form software configurable wave-fronts. Beam size and shape are determined by the element characteristics and properties, the number of elements used to form the beam (aperture) and the applied timing delay parameters. Because the operator has software control over the probes’ parameters (i.e. angles and focal distance), the phased-array method is very effective in flaw detection and increasingly efficient in its speed of detection. The PTS phased-array inspection system software can combine wall mapping and OD dimensions in one simultaneous step. Phased-array UT method has become a forerunner the nondestructive testing industry.

PTS understands the importance of adding value, while keeping pricing economical on every service it provides. Listed below are the benefits in using PTS for all your OCTG and line pipe needs.

  • For the Decision Maker  

    • Provides confidence in knowing that your product is being inspected with the latest ultrasonic technology, at the most competitive pricing on the market.

    • Provides flexibility regarding material requirements; the PTS phased array unit can inspect material from your basic steel all the up to the most exotic metals and alloys.

    • Can inspect OCTG sizes ranging from 2 3/8 to 24 inches.

    • Allows inner diameter and outer diameter flaw detection for longitudinal, transverse, wall thickness, lamination and all oblique angle defects.

    • Provides support services and fully trained technicians on site 24/7 to minimize downtime and optimize performance.

    • Includes programmable inspection angles and directions using both fixed and computer controlled beam steering angles.

    • Provides PTS operators with the flexibility to select the appropriate beam coverage to produce an overlap that meets specific customer requirements.

    • Provides efficient turnaround between jobs that allows for greater productivity, saving the customer time and money.

    • Provides capability records at your convenience for your review.

    • Provide a variety of reporting options for the customer

  • For the Engineer  

    • Ensures American Society of Nondestructive Testing No. SNT-TC-1A Certified Technicians available 24/7.

    • Provides repeatability testing on notches to (+/-) 1 ½ dB variations.

    • Measures sensitivity to small defects by optimizing the beam dimension and shape to the anticipated defects.

    • Provides adaptability of the beam coverage and inspection overlap to specified requirements

    • Optimizes the focal length and spot size for wall thickness and geometry

    • Provides programmable beam steering to maximize detection of both surface breaking and non-surface breaking defects

    • Delivers defect interpretation using multiple angle correlations

    • Allows for flaw sizing features such as amplitude comparison, zone discrimination, dB drop and time of flight diffraction methods

    • Increases weld line coverage for ERW pipes

    • Provides capability records available at your convenience for your review.

    • Provides API-5-UE defect prove-up software

    • Provides A-scan, B-scan, and C-scan presentations in addition to conventional strip chart reporting displays.

    • Produces wall thickness mapping and readings for the full length of each joint through wall data collection system

    • Displays wall thickness data by a digital report or C-scan presentation (unfolded view).isplays wall thickness data by a digital report or C-scan presentation (unfolded view).

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