Maintenance Services

Pipe Surface Preservation

PTS preserves pipe in new condition per customer requirements. The process consists of an automated brushing of the outside diameter pipe surface to remove rust and scale. Optional services can include ID brushing, a full-length ID drift, cleaning of the thread ends, visual inspection, and applying new thread compound. Both synthetic and wire brushes are available per customer requirements. An environmentally friendly varnish is applied via a Patterson-engineered coating system for size ranges from 2-3/8 to 20 inches.


Internal Imperfection Removal (ID Repair)

Internal diameter spot grinding (5% ultrasonic imperfection repair) is available to remove imperfections from repairable pipes in accordance with API requirements. ID grinding is accomplished by giving a contoured radius condition. During the internal grinding process the technician monitors the pipe wall thickness to assure that there is sufficient thickness to facilitate the pipe repair. The tooling can be changed to remove internal slivers and light scale. This service can be performed on site or at our Channelview, TX facility.


Rig Return

PTS was the first company to implement a rig return program in the oil and gas industry. Our rig return program includes:

  • An efficient and cost effective method for the return of tubulars to a useable or sellable condition
  • An applicable method to reduce unusable inventory
  • A visual condition check, which includes thread inspection
  • A full-length drift
  • The ability to clean and reapply approved thread compounds.

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