Quality and Safety

PTS management has a strong commitment to quality, safety and the environment. PTS first achieved ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system in 1997.

Our Quality Policy:

“Patterson Tubular Services is committed to providing quality services by meeting customer requirements. We will accomplish this through active employee participation, training and continuous improvement of the quality system.”

At Patterson Tubular Services, we believe safety comes first! Our employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority.

Our Safety Policy:

“Every employee has not only the right, but also the responsibility to stop work and notify their supervisor should they become aware of an unsafe situation.”

We also provide a drug and alcohol-free work environment.

The environmental management system is certified under ISO 14001.

Our Environmental Policy:

The Company is committed to:

  • Open communication with employees and customers to ensure continual improvement in our efforts toward pollution prevention;
  • Compliance with all legal, regulatory and other (i.e. API, ASTM) requirements that are related to oil and gas well servicing, tubing and equipment rental and storage;
  • Providing our employees the tools necessary to perform their job functions within the legal and regulatory limits;
  • Providing the processes necessary to ensure environmental goals and objectives set are regularly reviewed and results communicated to all employees;
  • Providing open access to the Environmental Management System Policy for public scrutiny.
  • Each employee of the Company is responsible for implementing this policy as it relates to their job duties.

    Patterson Tubular Services has a highly qualified team of environmental professionals that work closely with environmental regulatory agencies to ensure compliance. PTS has incorporated engineering and performance enhancements to our services and processes to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. PTS continues to explore state-of-the-art equipment and processes to enhance our environmental compliance programs, along with continuing education for our HSE professionals. Some of the areas in which we utilize environmentally compliant processes include:

  • Biodegradable rust inhibitors
  • Enclosed containment processes in our brush, roll and environmentally safe spray units.
  • High pressure—water ONLY—end cleaner systems
  • Closed loop water recycle systems
  • Environmentally safe pressure test racks
  • PTS HSE Department is dedicated to creating an incident free culture. Leading this effort is the Behavioral Improvement Safety Observation Network (BISON). The BISON program coupled with our safety team professionals, safety audits and skills assessment initiative are the foundation for a positive safety culture.


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