Patterson Tubular Services is committed to providing high-quality services by meeting or exceeding customer requirements.
We accomplish this through mandatory employee participation in regular professional development training along with
continuous improvement of our certified quality management system.

With state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, we offer the best quality NDT inspection available in the business.
Our machines provide industry-leading repeatability, allowing us to more readily identify discontinuities that other
inspections can miss.

Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997, and we currently maintain an ISO 9001:2015
certification. Our premier program helps us perform all services accurately, in accordance with API, and in a timely manner.


We believe safety is a choice, which is why we strive for an incident-free work environment at all our facilities.
Serious incidents are preventable when managing risk appropriately as part of an all-encompassing safety culture.

Our Behavioral Improvement Safety Observation Network (BISON) helps facilitate our incident-free safety culture by
encouraging contributions from each employee.

For example, one of our safety-first choices involves regular revisits and improvements to our processes, allowing us
to find safer ways of operating. BISON has been instrumental in the identification of many manageable hazards.
When possible, we permanently engineer out recognized hazards. This is the key to our success—to diligently operate
under the best practices and procedures for which our operations are known.


We continuously strive to operate in a responsible manner and make business decisions with the environment in mind.
Our goal is to be responsible stewards of our locations by minimizing our environmental footprint.

We use our ISO 14001:2015-compliant environmental management system to manage our solid and liquid wastes, air
pollutants, and accidental spill prevention measures. We have a highly trained team of environmental professionals who
regularly achieve professional development requirements, working closely with environmental regulatory agencies to
ensure compliance.

Some of the ways we have reduced our environmental impact include using biodegradable rust inhibitors, water-based
coatings, and 100% recyclable Varsol substitutes.