• How many PAUT units do you have and where are they located?
    We have three PAUT units; two are located at PTS Channelview and one is located at PTS Morgan City.

  • How many EMI units do you have and where are they located?
    We have two EMI units located at our PTS Channelview facility.

  • Do you provide rail services?
    Yes, both Morgan City and Channelview locations provide rail services. PTS Morgan City has a rail spur on location and PTS Channelview has local team track access.

  • Do you provide dock services to load or unload marine vessels?
    Yes, both PTS Morgan City and PTS Channelview have extensive bulkhead dock space available with large-capacity cranes for working barges and other marine vessels.

  • Do you have pipe maintenance programs?
    Yes, we will develop customer-specified maintenance programs tailored to your unique needs.

  • Can you brush and spray the OD and ID?
    OD and ID can be brushed; however, spraying is only available for OD surfaces.

  • Do you have rig return and rig prep programs?
    Yes, we offer a rig prep program to prepare tubulars for rig service and a rig return program to restore tubulars coming off a rig to a usable or sellable condition.

  • Can you test pipe for salt water contamination?
    Yes, we can test for salt water contamination using silver nitrate. We provide this service on all tubulars in our rig return program.

  • Do you test all inbound pipe from rig locations for NORM and will you accept it in your yard?
    Yes, all inbound material is tested for NORM, however; We are unable to accept NORM material at our facilities.

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be our industry’s best service company. We will accomplish this goal by providing the highest quality service
at a fair, competitive rate while maintaining a leadership role in areas of employee and environmental safety"